Video Walls

A video wall is one of the best ways of catching your customer’s attention. Video walls are very popular in public places like retail, stadiums and also makes a good addition to centre/office environments.

What is a video wall?

A video wall is lots of different digital displays placed together to create one large screen. The screens are usually specifically designed to have narrow bezels in order to minimize the gap between active display areas. Digital signage software is then used to divide the image up evenly and display the full picture or video over all of the digital screens.

Video walls designed specifically for you

We will design the video wall to fit your space and arrange them in whatever order you like. We will also design up custom digital content creating the perfect layout template to show it off best.

Get creative with your video wall

We are always open to trying something new, so if you have a creative idea that you want to try, we will make it happen.

Benefits of video walls

  • Makes a big impact
  • Designed for your space
  • Maxium pixel densitiy
  • Reorder your digital screens
  • Bezel free displays

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