Outdoor Displays

At Digital Displays we supply full weatherproof outdoor digital signage screens for all types of businesses. Outdoor screens are a powerful way of interacting and advertising to your customers in an outdoor environment. This can vary from information points through to business sites and retail.

Our outdoor displays are completely weatherproof

Outdoor displays need to stand up to all of the elements. At Digital Displays we ensure that they can stand up to any weather conditions thrown at them and use only the best suppliers for our outdoor displays. We can guarantee the highest quality displays, build and ongoing support for your digital signage investment.

High contrast outdoor displays for sunlight

One of the main factors of using screens outdoors is glare from the sun. At Digital Displays all of our outdoor LED screens come with antiglare protection and high contrast displays.

Benefts of outdoor signage

  • Advertise and engage with customers
  • Interactive way finding
  • High contrast displays for outdoors
  • Kiosks, Totems or large displays
  • Touchscreens so customers can interact

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